Oops, our computer servers must be drunk!

They get thirsty. Then they drink too much. Then stuff like this happens. Yeah, we're embarrassed for them too. Usually they just have to hiccup once and they're back to normal. No need to worry. Just return to the Tessa Marie homepage by clicking our logo above or press the back button in your browser to return to the previous page.

If that doesn't quite do the trick and you keep returning to this page, then the computer servers might have crashed. That can happen when you drink too much and attempt to handle machinery. So just don't do it. Ever. Cause stuff like this happens. If stuff like this keeps happening, would you please kindly give us a call at (805) 688-6081 or email us at tessa@tessamariewines.com? Then we'll slap those servers around a little and sober them up! That usually does the trick. Otherwise, we may just have to throw cold water at them and they won't like that very much.

Cheers! ~ Your Friends at Tessa Marie Wines